Sunday, July 28, 2013

Update...been a while

Hey, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Thought I should put something to paper so to speak since it's been so long. School is just around the corner for my daughter. For the most part not much has changed. The surrogacy journey for now is on hold for personal reasons so I will not get into that on here. I do not feel it is my place to explain anything.

Chloe turned six just a few weeks ago, I ordered a Monster, Inc cake for her. She loved it:) We also pulled out the pool for the kids to play in.

Rocky's son and his wife was down this last weekend. They went to Falls City and got some awesome tattoo work done :)

Marie's was a cover-up, it turned out really well. Thad's is a  good reflection of his belief system :)
While they were down we cooked out on the grill and Marie decided she wanted to do some cooking in the kitchen, then they surprised us in the morning with breakfast and a belated birthday present for Chloe. It was awesome, and Marie's cooking was very, very delicious. I really enjoyed their stay with us and hope to be able to do it again soon. Later on we were going to try and set up plans to go to World's of Fun together. I didn't take any photos of them while they were down here and I could kick myself for it now. But I have a couple photos from the vow renewal that Rocky did for them last month. (She and her family are from Sweden by the way).

From left to right: Yani (Marie's brother), Ramsay ( Thad's Son), Thad (Rocky's Son), Marie (Thad's wife), Ann (Marie's Mom), and then my family


The Offering before the Ceremony


Yani pretending to get his sister, haha :)

Entering the circle (part of the ceremony)
It was beautiful and I really enjoyed the getting ready for this. We did this at a park in Kansas City and the funny part was walking past all the people that staring at us. A few took pictures as we walked by but what I thought was really cute was one little blond-haired girl came up to us and wanted to say hi to the 'princess' (she was talking about Chloe) haha. So Chloe went up to her and said hi. That little girl (she was about Chloe's age) was just so excited, too cute!
For the past week we decided to take Chloe out and teach her to ride a bike without training wheels. See the progress for yourself!
I just think this photo is cute so I am putting it in here to.

I don't think I have mentioned it on here yet either, but Chloe won a fishing tournament this summer as well!
 Her 'Big Sister' Johannah took her to the Derby and she ended up placing 1st in all three categories. Prizes included two new fishing poles and a tackle box full of bait! :)

Tomorrow I will be making an appointment for Chloe because she seems to have an ear infection that doesn't want to go away :( I am thinking she got water in it from one of the many times she has been in her pool.

My sister Maryann got married on July 1st, she will be holding a reception for everybody on August 3rd...just around the corner! I am just glad she has finally found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with :)

Well, I think I will end for now. I cannot think of anything else of note that has happened but you now have the summary...Until next time!