Thursday, September 26, 2013

Really Moving Along :)

Hi guys! I know it's been awhile, I am a horrible slacker with this whole blog thing. But I do have some pretty awesome news with the surrogacy. I was matched with an incredibly awesome couple from Sweden (they are a gay couple). There was nothing but positive feelings from the very first meet. This match happened just over one month ago, and as it stands right medical screening has been completed and passed! And because it is a frozen egg transfer, we already have a transfer date! First of course I have to wait for all the wonderful shots and hormones and vitamins to arrive :) I am so ready for this!

Oh yes, and they are going to try for twins! A little scary at first I admit but I am all in and the more I think about it the more I really want both eggs to take. I know I can handle it and I KNOW this will be a wonderfully successful journey. I get to meet the parents in person on the day of transfer (which is just about 7 weeks away!). EEEK! Can't wait!

As far as the rest of my life everything has been running smoothly, my daughter still loves school and my spot in the office is totally awesome...except for the waking up early part, but I guess you can't have it all, lol.

My younger sister and her family moved 9 hours away to Indiana to follow her husband's job. That's been a little bit of a change but it's not bad, we use Skype :) I thought that Chloe would miss Lexi when they moved but she seems to be just fine. She actually seems to like the fact that Lexi isn't riding the bus with her anymore. I mean I knew they fought a lot but they also played really well together when they were getting along. Curious to see where that goes in the future when they come to visit on the holidays...hmmmmm...

My little brother Matt will be coming to visit for a few days around the week of the 4th in November before he gets shipped out to Korea. (He's a marine). That will be nice to see him. He says he is ready to go to Korea because he is sick of California. He's just happy he isn't being sent to Afghanistan. My other little brother has signed up for the Marines to already and will be sent to boot camp as soon as he graduates high school this year. I am glad they are doing what they want to do, it gives them both a real sense of pride and confidence. So I am happy that they are happy, just hope they stay safe.

Well, that's it for now...see ya!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Journey Ends & A Journey Begins

It is high time I put an update on here! I'll make brief though. Chloe of course has started school and loves it. Which is great, especially when it comes to reading library books and doing homework :) She is way ahead of you on getting that done!

My sister had her wedding reception which turned out really nice. Thought I would add a few of my favorites.

The bride and groom :)

Their beautiful cake :)

Me with two friends from High School

My daughter and husband :)
They were on the dance floor :)

Me and my cousin Kristina :)
The other big event that occurred was in Texas! Rocky was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Head Founder of the Year for his system of Shin-Gahn-Do. Too bad we had to rush back to work :( It was beautiful :) So here are a few pics from this event to!
This is me and my husband at the banquet

 My husband with Gary Lee
Allen Woodman demonstrating his art of Hojojutsu on Rocky

Rocky performing Hojojutsu on Jason (fellow class mate of mine)

Chloe found her entertainment for the day!
Rocky with Jim Thomas (Founder/Owner of this event)

Rocky, Jason and Chloe (we all traveled up here together)

The boys with Goldie

Me and Chloe with Lisa (Allen's lady) and Avery

Rocky with his Awards :)

Rocky with Frank Dux
The boys with Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace
It was neat meeting these and so many more martial artists. I even got to meet some of Rocky's students from when he lived in California! But this guy, Bill right above, is 67 years old and can still kick you in the head before you see it coming! And that is with two hip replacements and a bad left knee! And if you don't know, Frank Dux is the guy they made the movie BloodSport about.
And then on the Surrogacy side, we sadly had our journey we were on end due to personal reasons beyond the control of the Intended Parents. But I still had a very nice Skype session just last weekend with Mark.
I have now been matched with a new couple who are also wonderful. I can tell they will be fun to work with. It is a gay couple from Sweden! Which is kind of ironic because my husband's son's wife is from Sweden! Anyway, they are super sincere and ready to try for twins. Twins! That's going to be a new experience for me! You can tell they have really wanted this for a long time but have also thought this through completely. I just love their open-mindedness and they seem so easy going and comfortable. They will be wonderful parents and I can't wait to help them reach this dream that will complete their lives together. I already have a screening date! That's about three weeks away :) Will keep you posted from time to time!