Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hi Everybody! I am officially a first time blogger now. Feels a little weird but a lot of new things do right? I know I enjoy reading other people's stories but I tend to be one of those people who think, 'who would want to read about me?' Though on the flip side there have been some very interesting times in my life that taught me some valuable lessons...maybe another time?

Anyway, I think I will start with the present. Right now I have high hopes of being able to share with you my own surrogacy journey. Obviously there are no guaranteeds so it's one of those things you don't want to dwell on or it will drive you crazy. I have read about surrogate mothers and have done my fair share of research on this. One of my favorite surrogacy stories came from Jeni Denhof and her blog (she is also the one that has encouraged me to start my own). Thanks Jeni! I truly believe myself strong enough mentally, emotionally and physically to do this for somebody. I want to be apart of helping somebody else create their family. I want to see the looks on their faces when that baby (or babies!) comes into their world for them to love and care for. I know that I will most definately be emotional, but that's to be expected and totally worth it.

Just thinking to myself off and on as my mind wanders to surrogacy and it's possibilities quite often. There are a lot of things to consider. I have wondered (and I realize it will be different for each person, so I wonder in regard to myself) would it be better to have very little contact with IP's or a lot? And then once the baby (ies) are in their new home, updates and contact? ....... It just seems like something that you won't know until you go through it. But I'm pretty sure I would be more than happy to accept whatever amount of contact the IP's allowed. And I am also confident that I would have no problem knowing that the child(ren) is(are) not mine, but am sure I would still feel some kind of a family. I think it is awesome that they actually match you up with the intended parents to. To be able to establish a relationship and common ground with them of some form would only make the experience that much more enjoyeable and fulfilling.

On Jeni's one year 'birthday' for her blog she had written that the blog itself had been therapeutic for her...I can see why. And whether everything pans out or not, I can tell this is a blog I will want to keep :)

Right now I have to wait for my OB/GYN to give me clearance to 'be pregnant'. What's the wait? Well I was born with a narrow aorta and heart murmurs. I had to have heart surgery at 4 and 1/2 months of age to repair the narrow aorta. The chance of survival was only 50/50 but I pulled through just fine. I was then placed on medication until age 2. At that point the doctor okayed me to 'do as other kids do'. From then on it was just a heart checkup every 5 years with the last one being at age 21 with Children's Mercy in KC. That last vist to Children's Mercy I was cut loose and the doctors told me that the chances of my aorta narrowing back out now or in the future was very slim to none.

Well i've only been with my current primary care provider for about two years so she wasn't real familiar with my heart history and of course is not a specialist, so she asked me to go ahead and get a heart checkup about a year ago. So I did and everything was fine. I will also note that I had a fantastic problem free pregnancy with my daughter who is now five years old (and only a 4 1/2 hour labor! :)). But just to be on the safe side, she wants me to get clearance from a cardiologist first, then she said she would be more than happy to send in the clearance for me. So, my appointment is March 14th. That was the soonest they could me was that or April 25th! So yeah, of course I picked March 14th.
The thought of carrying life inside me again is exciting! But on the flip side (and it feels contradictory but what can I say?) I don't actually want another child. My daughter is all i need. She is smart, beautiful and an all round happy and well behaved little girl...most of the time, lol!

Funny little thing just adores school and is always more than happy to do her homework (She's only in Kindergarten). In fact she gets very upset if she has to wait do it! Lol. Hopefully she continues to like school.
Well, until next time!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy you're blogging. I'm going to absolutely love reading your story!

    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend. We're happy you're here. :)

    1. Thank-you! I am happy to be here! Just out of curiousity...I know that I can click on the fish 'tank' and feed my fish, are you able to as well? Cuz that would be awesome! :P lol

  2. OMG! I can TOTALLY feed the fish! SO cool!