Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey! Been settling into my new position just fine.  Learning more and  more about it with each passing day. I am now officially set up with my own phoneline!

But more exciting is the fact that my little brother Matt (who is 19) flew in from California today. He has a few days to spend with his family before they expect him back at the marine base. He was promoted to Team Leader recently. It is an honor, but it also carries a great wieght of responsibility. Anything goes wrong, and the blame is on him. I can tell it makes him nervous, but at the same time he is proud. He will be shipped out for combat in North Korea in November. He was happy about that because he feared being stationed in Afghanistan.

My other little brother, Tommy has just signed on with the Marines. He has to graduate high school this year first but he is excited to be following his brother. I hope he gets what he needs out of it, so as long as he comes back home when it is all done.

Tomorrow we will be going to Plymouth, NE to visit my dad's grave. Then we will have lunch with his mom, (my grandma). Matthew is coming with us :) I was a little surprised he wanted to ride along but it was a good surprise! It's hard to find time with him when he visits because his high school friends crowd him really well.

Tomorrow night is a full moon! Plan on lighting the firepit and making s'mores with Chloe :) She doesn't know it yet, hee-hee. Then Sunday and Monday we're just sticking close to home, we don't have to work Monday because it is holiday...yay three day weekend!

Until next time...

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