Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tomorrow is Friday! :)

I am very happy to know that tomorrow is Friday. The first half of the week just seemed like it dragged. It didn't help that I was sick all weekend. Needless to say that was a very lazy weekend for me, haha. Monday was my turn around day, but it was my husband's turn to fall sick. It hit him really hard. But he got up, got dressed, we picked up all the kids and took them to my mom's and at the last minute he turns to me and says, 'I'm sorry baby. Please don't be mad at me but I don't think I can go to work today.'

Awww, I had to insist of course that it was fine if he stayed home because he REALLY, REALLY looked like he needed it. Poor thing slept all day. I had to wake him up to make him eat something when I got home and then he passed out again. But Tuesday morning was kind to him. He wasn't 100% quite yet but no more fever, chills, aches, throwing up or ...anything coming out the other end :) He ended up with what I came down with except I wasn't throwing up...and it seemed to hit him harder. Luckily it seemed to miss Chloe. Thank goodness!

This weekend we will be going to Sedalia to meet up with one of my husband's students from long ago. They're gonna all talk the art and see about bringing some of his fighters up to participate in the exhibition we are doing for the American Legion Bike Show. It's a three hour drive so that part really bites but the people up there are awesome :)

I have acquired a few new recipes that I think are AWESOME! One is called Butterscotch Oddies, it was created by a woman at work and they taste amazing :) The other one is called Cowboy Cookies which I also loved when I was young but I had lost the recipe until this same lady went through her recipes and found it for me :) The last one is called Amish Friendship Cinnamon Bread. How it works is you are given a 'starter' and a set of instructions. For the first four days you just mash the bag once at some point during the day. On day five you add sugar, flour and milk. Then days 6 through 9 you just mash the bag. Day 10 is when you follow the rest of the directions to come up with 4 starter bags that you will give away...or keep if you wish...then add the rest of the ingredients to what is left. End result is some really yummy bread! I gave away three of my starters and kept the last one so I can make more :)

It's about that time of the month for me to...This is the time when anything that might irritate me just a little bit...irritates me a LOT a bit, haha :) But I am usually able to curb it when I feel it coming...occasionally it catches me completely off guard though, so I will apologize to my family ahead of time! What is irritating is when you get really miffed about something and you know that it is completely irrational and a total overreaction...but it doesn't change the fact that you're super miffed, lol. So I just vent to my husband and he patiently hears me out that way I can let it go and move on. I usually end up laughing at myself because I know how silly it sounds. The first two days are the worst, after that it's pretty smooth sailing.

My little sister has decided to lazer hair removal. Today was her first session. She said it hurt quite a bit but she's going to keep going. I guess you go once a month to treat whatever area you are wanting to rid yourself of hair of. How many times you have to go back depends on the person and their hair, anywhere from 4 to 10 sessions or something like that. And it isn't as pricey as I had always thought it would be...course I never actually checked into it but she said that just for armpits it is $40 per session. Hmmm, in the long run it adds up to be more yes but for some reason I had imagined it would be more expensive...even a doctor charges more than that just for a visit.

Well, will jump off for now. Until next time!

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