Monday, March 25, 2013

I think it's time I updated my blog!

Work last week actually passed pretty quickly which was great :) It was also pretty uneventful so I won't bore you with that. So, in more exciting news: Sunday I was able to Skype with Mark! This conversation lasted much longer than the initial meet and it felt great! I look forward to future communications. They are so down to earth it is awesome! And I didn't realize that the schools their require that students learn to swim around the age 7 and they are required to learn a foreign language (English is the most common). America should do that! If America did that....I would know how to do more than just float! I thought it was cute that they are already worried about getting the baby into a good Primary school, lol. I think it's safe to say this baby will be WELL prepared for!

Something else I learned was that if everything goes smoothly I could be pregnant by the end of May. That was a little bit of a suprise to me, I was estimating longer than that but I have absolutely no problems with it being sooner. :) As far as the actual process goes, right now I get to wait for the IVF clinic to contact me and set up a medical appointment. I'm estimating somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks from now.

In other activities the only other thing we did this weekend was attend our monthly American Legion Riders meeting. They have a bike show coming up next month and they are preparing for that. Rocky and I will help with set up, I will help with registration (where they register their bikes to be judged for the chance of a shirt and a trophy) and I was asked to help hand out trophies. I think that will be the fun part :)

So I thought I'd post some pics of my siblings and mom. These are pictures taken after my little brother Matthew graduated Marine boot camp in January this year (well except for the last one):

My Mom with the newly graduated Marine :)

My little sister Maryann with her fiance and two kids (and Matt of course). She is one year younger than me. Her kids oldest to youngest are Lexi and Morgan.

Close up of Maryann's youngest :) Say HI Morgan!

Both of my little brothers together. You already know Matt, the one in red is Thomas. Thomas is 7 and a half years younger than me, Matt is 5 and a half years younger than me :)

The REALLY short girl with the orange shirt (sorry Liz haha! :P) is my older sister, Liz. With her is Matt of course and her husband and their three kids. Her kids from oldest to youngest are named: Dillon, Colton and Leighton.

Here she is again! She tried long and hard for a little girl before Leighton finally came :)

Leighton by herself with her Adorable Binky!

Matt at his graduation, Mom flew all the way to California for this!

This is just one of my favorites showing my husband (Rocky) and my daughter (Chloe) :)

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  1. Love seeing the pictures of your family!

    Pregnant in May! Wow! You guys are moving super fast!

    Everything sounds great. So glad you continue to write. XOXO