Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Well today I was able to commit to a time for the Social Worker Screening Telephone Interview! :) It's tomorrow at 2:00 my time, 3:00 her time due to the time zone difference. Then the following day my husband will be doing the Support Screening over his lunch break! :) Also, they have my medical records from when I was pregnant with my daughter and they are being reviewed by the IVF Doctor. Speaking of doctors, my cardiologist will see me 9 days from now! I'm keeping everything in perspective though. I am excited to feel like i am progressing but I also understand that there are no guaranteeds. But one will never know if they don't try.

So on another topic, my husband's grandson stayed over on Saturday. I also ended up watching my sister's two little ones. So we had an 11 year old, a 5 year old (two if you count mine) and a nearly 9 month old. The 11 year old is Ramsay. My sister's are Lexi and Morgan. Ramsay has ADHD and is on medication for it. Now I don't think I would call Lexi ADHD, but she is very similar to Ramsay in their personalities and just their overall being. Well...they clashed. They would get along, clash, get along, clash, (continue pattern). My husband told me it would happen that way, he saw it coming before I did, lol. But Chloe got along great with both of them and Morgan (9 month old) was a very happy baby. We had a movie night with popcorn which helped. Despite his differences (or similarities) with my niece he had a good time and wants to come back soon. My husband is going to put World of Tanks on my computer so he can play it some next time he is here.

Video games...pc games...it's hard for me to really get into those. I might try one here and there, play for a few days and then lose interest in it. It just seems...what's the word....so unproductive. It's purely entertainment (though short lived) or a time filler to me, it could never be a hobby of mine. Movies? Netflix? Now that's another story! LOL. I can get drawn into a movie or a good book easy :) I don't know that it is really considered more productive (the movie part) than a video game, but it does hold my interest more than one.

I haven't talked to my older sister in a bit, I will call her tonight :) She is 7 1/2 years older than me, has been married to her husband for 8 or 9 years and has three kids with him. Two boys and one girl: Dillon, Colton and Leighton. She is a wonderful mother, unfortunately she lives in Omaha which is quite a drive from me so we only see them two to three times a year at family get togethers. She is a stay at home mother right now. She says she isn't ready for Colton to start Kindergarten but that's where he will go next year. She had a hard time when Dillon started school to. At least for now she will have Leighton home for a few more years.

Well, i'll do more typing some other time.

See ya!

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