Friday, March 1, 2013

Yesterday I received a surprise email, it was from Circle Surrogacy pre-accepting my insurance carrier. I actually had a wave of excitement wash through me at which I promptly had to remind myself not to get so excited. Afterall there is a lot more to go through than just the check on my insurance carrier, lol. But I am another week closer to my Cardiologist appointment! :)

So my husband had all his teeth pulled out for dentures yesterday! He  handled it really well, no complaining, no griping...just a two hour nap later in the afternoon :) He is blending all of his food because it hurts too much to try and chew with his new teeth right now. He tried to though, after which he promptly decided he wouldn't try again until after his sutures are removed next Thursday, lol. Can't say I blame him! But I must say that with his teeth in, he looks a few years younger ;)

I also had my first dental appointment in a few years...i was both scared and anxious to hear what the 'damage' would be. I thought for sure I was going to need some work, especially after my sister had gone to Topeka to have two cavities filled and found out she needed 8! But...I am happy to report that I had absolutely NO cavities! They just gave me a good cleaning and recommended switching my toothpaste to Sensodyne or Crest Sensitive. Thank Goodness! My daughter was adorable, she had her first dentist appointment, she is 5 years old. She was super excited about getting her teeth cleaned and enjoyed every minute of it. Silly little girl. Now she is going around telling people that her teeth sparkle in the sun. LOL! It's adorable :) I am also now making it a priority that at the beginning of every year we all make a trip to the dentist. I want to make sure Chloe takes care of her teeth and is monitored by a professional. I didn't have my first dental appointment until I was in high school so I didn't immediately see the importance of it but I have learned that there is a lot more to the upkeep of your mouth than a lot of people realize and i would like to keep mine for the rest of my life. Preventative care will save you a lot in the long run :)

I am looking forward to the arrival of spring here. This is when I will learn how to ride a motorcycle solo! I have my learner's permit already, I have until the end of June to go back for the actual test. The president of the Tail Draggers motocycle group is lending me his bike so I can learn on something smaller than the 1100 we own. Can't wait! I will expound a bit here: my husband and I are both members of the Tail Draggers motorcycle group. He is the Vice-President and I am the Secretary/Treasurer. It is a very very young group and is not very big yet, but the idea is to try and pull people together and do things for the community like help out at fundraisers or helping people in need. We hope it catches and grows but only time will tell. The bigger it gets the more we can do :)

Tomorrow we will be driving to Kansas City to go and pick up my husband's grandson. There won't be any downtime I am sure. This boy will keep you running! :) Chloe gets along with him fine so I am hoping she has fun with him this weekend to. Anyway we pick him up tomorrow and will take him back home on Sunday so he can get back to school Monday. Will let you know how it goes!

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