Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Been A Good Week :)

Well, I would consider it to be a pretty good week :)  Yesterday we received our first file of intended parents to review, and review we did. It was a gay couple from France. I was a little surprised to see that they lived in France. I don't know why when I already knew that international couples were a possibility but I wasn't expecting it, lol. Anyway they seem like really nice people who have wanted this for far too long. I truly believe they know what they want and are prepared to make the changes necessary to obtain it. We sent in our reply approving the file and then it was our turn to wait to hear back from them. I thought about it all day today...will they like me? What will think of my profile? etc.

Well I had an email in my inbox today letting me know that they did in fact pass on my profile. So...now we wait for another file to review. I wondered what it would feel like to be turned away, and I am surprised to be able to say that I didn't feel bad about it. It didn't hurt my feelings at all. They know what they want and they knew that I would not fulfill what they needed. I hope they do find the right person to carry a child for them, at least you know they aren't rushing into anything.

Tomorrow I get to do my mental evaluation and then they day after that is my Cardiologist Appointment! Can't wait to get that done and out of the way! So this will be a very good week. I feel like the whole process is moving along at a pretty good clip and though I would love to find the right couple to carry for, I know their file will find their way to me.

I kind of took a step back and tried to imagine what I would be looking for if I was looking for somebody to carry my child. I think it would be hard not to be super picky because you want everything to be perfect. I wonder if I would focus too much on small details that ultimately would play no roll in the carrying of the child or if I would be realistic about it. I would constantly worry about whether or not she was eating right, overdoing it, etc. I think it would be a very hard decision to make. Would definately have to feel a connection between us before anything was a go, that's for sure.

Hmm, well tonight is workout night. Every Tuesday and Thursday we get a small class together and my husband teaches Martial Arts. We used to go over a lot of cage-related work, but just recently we started the Traditional Arts. You know where you learn stances and kata? It's killer on your legs! The art he teaches (and created himself) is Shin-Gahn-Do. He developed it using all the strengths of several other systems to create a more rounded art that can be used both on the ground and standing up, as well as in close quarters. It's fun and I actually enjoy it...except for those days I feel like being lazy, lol. But even then after a few minutes it's all good and I can get into it :)

Chloe had her first little school project this last week. In Kindergarten! Starting them young I tell ya. Haha. It was nothing big she just had to get a collection of 100 items (all the same item) and organize them into rows of ten for easier counting. So I bought a big posterboard and a big bag of sparkly foam stars and let her have at it. She was so proud when she finished it! I hope her excitement for schoolwork sticks! She took it school yesterday, I'll have to take a picture of it when she brings it back :)


  1. I don't always get a chance to comment but I always read! :-) And if I have time, I feed your fish, too!

    Can't wait to hear who your perfect match turns out to be!

    1. Aw, i bet the fishies appreciate it since I don't always do it, lol! Nervous about tomorrow since since we get to meet them on Skype but excited at the same time :)