Friday, March 8, 2013

Whoo-hoo!! It's Friday :) I am SOOO looking forward to sleeping in. I'm pretty stoked right now...not only because it is Friday...but because I've taken a few more steps on my journey to becoming a gestational carrier. My phone screening is done, my husband's phone screening is done, medical records approved,  backgrounds approved and commitment letter sent in! Still have to wait on my Cardiologist appointment :( ...But it is less than a week away! Thursday morning :) The wait, well this waiting period, will come to an end soon.

So anyway, funny story, or at least I thought it was funny. :P Yesterday after my husbands dental appointment we picked up the girls (our one and my sister's two) on the way back home. Lexi (my sister's oldest who is same age as Chloe) ends up getting my husband's attention:

Lexi: "Rocky...Rocky....Rocky.."

Rocky: "What?"

Lexi: "I eat my burger."

Rocky: "Good, that's good..."frowns, pulls a questioning look and then asks, "Where did you get a burger from?"

Lexi: "Out my nose!"

Rocky: Look of horror on his face. "EWWWW!!!!"

I was laughing so hard! I couldn't believe he didn't catch on to what she really meant, but it was hilarious to see truth hit him! ...But seriously, that is pretty gross.

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