Saturday, March 16, 2013


Tomorrow at 10 am my husband and I will be meeting our potential match! We were able to review their profile Wednesday night after which we talked about it and then sent an email letting them know we accepted. I was contacted Thursday to see if Sunday would be a good day for us to meet. Well, of course!

They seem like a very nice couple from the Netherlands. They have been looking into having a baby since 1998! But didn't start researching surrogacy until about a year and half ago or so. They are an older couple in which case age can play a big role in the decision of carrying a baby for them. So let me tell you what I got from their profile:
  • A couple that has been together for approximately 15 years
  • Pictures that show a loving couple
  • Support and excitement from their family for them
  • Experience with children
  • I feel that not only do they seem to care deeply for one another, but there seems to be a solid and supportive friendship as well (which reminds me of my own husband)
  • I feel there is no reason to believe that this child won't have the care and attention he/she deserves and will be well cared for
I was surprised to see that the female had quite a few years on her partner, but it was a good surprise :) You see, my own husband is 32 years older than me. We met at work when I was working security in Kansas City. We started off as friends which quickly grew to be really, really good friends. I could talk to this man about anything, ask him anything, etc. He was completely honest with me, even if it was something I didn't want to hear. Two years later we started hanging out. Even at that point I never thought we would end up getting together and marrying. But one day it just hit me: Here is this man in my life who accepts me the way that I am, views the world the way I do, supports my decisions, is honest with me to a fault, loves my daughter and treats her well, is always there when I need him, and never once disrespected my boundaries... so I thought some more... and realized that there was nobody else in this world that I would rather spend time with than him. And in the end I decided that no matter how much time he has left in this world, I want it all. We got engaged and six months later we were married :)

Was he perfect? Nobody is! Lol. He tends to have a short temper and has this thing with time...he has to be early (by like 30 minutes!) or in his mind he is late...not good for somebody who treasures her sleeping hours, lol. But he was and still is, perfect for me :) (Because for every idiosyncracy he has, I have one to! But I won't be going into mine right now, lol!) But we have since stripped my ex of his parental rights to my daughter and my husband is now her 'legal' father! She carries his name and everything!

For some reason, even as a youth, I have always gotten along better with those older than me anyway. I just didn't seem to see eye to eye with those my age. I had one teacher write at the bottom of an essay I had turned in that I had knowledge beyond my made me feel good :)

But back to the Intended Parents: I feel that age should never be looked upon as a handicap. Get to know the people behind the number before passing judgment. Nowadays there are grandparents raising their grandchildren because the parents are too immature to take on their responsibilities. My husband has two grandchildren that are more than twice the age of our daughter and he is a GREAT father :) I didn't read anything in that profile to make me think we wouldn't get along just fine, I hope it goes well tomorrow and I look forward to 'meeting' them via Skype and maybe this journey will move forward :)

Something I want to add before I go: just about everybody at work knows about my plans to be a surrogate mother now...and I have received absolutely ZERO negative feedback! I love it! Both my husband's supervisor and my own are 100% supportive and willing to work around any time we will need to take off for this. My supervisor actually looked me straight in the eyes and told me: "I really like what you are doing. I think it is commendable and not something many people talk about." And this is a guy talking! It's just nice to know that I had absolutely no reason to be nervous about informing him of my plans.

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