Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meeting Time!

Well we have officially 'met' Mark and Yvon via Skype!  They are truly an adorable couple. You just know they belong together. I know I was nervous about the meeting today but I think they were actually more nervous than I was and I actually appreciated that fact. My husband didn't seem to be nervous at all! So it was nice to feel like I wasn't the only one, lol. The conversation didn't last real long but it was enough to know that we can feel comfortable around each other. I felt like this was something they really wanted to work and so do we, so I look forward to taking the next step :) It'll be so fun to be able to send them big pregnant belly pics!

What I especially love about this couple is the fact that they are open minded. But more than that is the willingness to move on and live the way they want to without allowing the opinions/judgments of others change the way they feel about each other and their desire to have a baby to love and care for together. Everybody would be happier with their lives if they could do the same.

We actually tried to explain to my daughter what our plans were, but in an explanation that a five year old would accept. I'm not worried about her having any issues with it. She's always adapted to new things quickly...just like her mama! So I told her that we were going to meet a nice coupe who wanted to have a baby. But they aren't able to carry their own baby so I might be carrying it for them until it is big enough to come out. Then they will take it home. Rocky asked her if that was okay and without pausing she says, "YEP!" Of course only time will really tell. I'm sure she will ask questions later on but right now she doesn't seem to have any, lol.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful match! So happy for all of you. You explained things to your daughter perfectly. It's best to always keep her "in the know" with simple language...just like you did. :)

    EEEKKK! I'm very excited for ya!

    1. Thank-you!! I am loving it, it feels good to know that one person can make such a huge impact on another's life in a positive way :) Plus I absolutely LOVED being pregnant. Hope it's as awesome as my first pregnancy!